Association Against Illegal Animal Trade and for the Protection of Wildlife 

Illegal wildlife trafficking is thriving in Ribeira Valley, Brazil. Captured animals from this region, predominantly birds, are being sold throughout Europe and South America. That is, of course, if they manage to survive in transit. Police forces are continually confiscating illegally captured wildlife but do not have the appropriate infrastructure at their disposal to properly care for and reintroduce these animals into the wild. Our compassion for the suffering of these creatures led us to collaborate with local authorities.   

Our Project:

In order to professionally and justly meet the demand in the region, we plan to construct a suitable Wildlife Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center in Iporanga.  

For this, we need your help.

Admiration, Compassion, Protection

How it all began: Our admiration for the beauty and diversity of the plant and animal life within what remains of the Atlantic Forest (only 7% of the original area) inspired our desire to become active in the protection of local fauna. 

Our work today: We take all wildlife into our care, both those animals brought to us by the authorities and local populations, and prepare them step-by-step for their release into the Atlantic Forest. Up to this point, we have been completing this work under the auspices of the “Associação Onça Parda,“ a Brazilian animal protection organization founded by us. As word of our work spreads, however, we are reaching our current capacities.  

Die erste Schritte in der Natur
Fütterung eines Colibris
Henrique Domingos vorbereitet das Filmen
Junges Weissohropossum
Marmorreiher beim Fischen
Weissohropossum Fütterung