We are a Swiss non-profit organization, based in Zurich, operating under the name “Association Against Illegal Animal Trade and for the Protection of Wildlife” (Verein gegen illegalen Tierhandel und zum Schutz von Wildtieren). Our organization falls under the non-profit terms of Article 60 of the Swiss Civil Code (ZGB).

Our organization fights against illegal animal trafficking and takes steps to recover and reintroduce captured wildlife to their native habitats, if possible. The association particularly supports the initiative led by two Swiss founding members, Peter Schmid and Martine Schmid-Fiorini, to develop a professional Wildlife Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Center in the Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

The project leaders, Martine Schmid-Fiorini (3rd from the right) and Peter Schmid (2nd from the right), with Brazilian colleagues and associates. Source: Martine Schmid-Fiorini 

Bernhard F. Meyer

Dr. Bernhard F. Meyer: Association President

Dr. Bernhard Meyer, born in 1946 in Zurich, with an international curriculum, works as an attorney, focusing on international procedural law and arbitration. He is the co-founder and senior partner of a law firm based in Zurich. In his spare time, Mr. Meyer is involved in, among other things, environmental and animal protection projects such as the reintroduction of illegally captured wildlife in Brazil. His involvement in these projects is on a pure pro-bono basis and is totally separate from his work in the law. 

Martine Schmid-Fiorini

Martine Schmid-Fiorini, Vice President and Project Leader in Brazil

Martine Schmid-Fiorini, from Maerstetten, Switzerland, born 1952, is a Swiss qualified biologist and veterinarian, as well as a licensed natural health practitioner in the canton of Thurgau, Switzerland.

Schmid-Fiorini is a dual citizen of Switzerland and France. Prior to her relocation to Brazil, she lead a successful practice of classical homeopathy for humans and animals in Switzerland.     

Pedro Schmid

Peter Schmid (Pedro), Board Member and Project Leader in Brazil

Peter Schmid, from St. Gallen, Switzerland, born 1945, is a Swiss qualified veterinarian. Schmid is a dual citizen of Switzerland and Columbia and grew up in Bogota, Columbia. At the age of 20, Mr. Schmid moved to Zurich to study veterinary medicine. Following his studies, he worked as a veterinarian in several practices and was responsible for meat inspection and veterinary public health in a Swiss slaughterhouse from 1985 until his early retirement in 2005.  

Martine and Peter Schmid have lived in Iporanga, São Paulo, Brazil, since 2011. They passionately contribute to a number of wildlife protection projects in the region, including the first project for the care and reintroduction of wildlife recovered from illegal trade. Martine and Pedro are the founders and chairpersons of the "Associação Céline," the Brazilian counterpart to our Swiss organization.  


Isaias Homepage

Isaias Santos

Born: 09/04/1979, in Iporanga.

Education: biologist, master's thesis on management and protection of wildlife.

Current Occupation: Technical Director of our Center

Experience: Prior to joining us, Isaias worked for several years as a biologist in the Reserva Betary.

Isaias is also a trained cave and nature guide, and he knows the local flora and fauna extremely well.


Ary Rodriguez del Diego and Vilma Timoteu Pires

Attorneys, members of the “Associação Céline” and passionate environmentalists.


Sérgio Luiz Pompéia.  

Agricultural Engineer, PhD in Environmental Science and Botany. Founder of CPEA, a consulting firm for environmental planning and research. Founder and President of the Institute for Biodiversity Research (IPBio). 

Sérgio Luiz Pompéia brings 34 years of experience in the areas of environmental planning and management to our organization. He has coordinated more than 200 significant environmental projects on a national level.